KShowMail - The Human Spam Filter

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What is KShowMail?

Very simply kshowmail is a program that allows you to look in on your mail server,
see what is waiting, decide if it is legitimate, and delete it right off of the server if it is not.
All without dragging any messages into your computer.
  • load mail headers from pop3 servers
  • display relevant header fields in a list view
  • display headers of selected mails
  • display complete mails
  • reply to mails with your usual mail client
  • configurable filters allow detection and deletion of known spam
  • delete selected mails on servers
  • support multiple accounts
  • sound support
  • save passwords, including use KWallet to store the passwords

KShowMail is published under GPL.

Download Here

Copyright © 2007 D. Scott Barninger (barninger at fairfieldcomputers.com)